RESІSTPAІNT Resistance (kOhm)Conductive paint


  • conducts electric current; resistance of 0.5-1.0 kOhm/cm;
  • various modifications “RESISTPAINT” allow to achieve excellent adhesion and heat resistance for a huge range of surfaces and materials. Paint can be used on solid not flexible surfaces and flexible polymer films, wherein the conductive paint is elastic;
  • has a self-leveling property, which is expressed in smoothing and tightening the unevenness when applied with a brush;
  • flaking
  • depending on the operating range modification temperature paint from -100°C to +300°C
  • total drying time, depending on the modification and properties of the surface, from 1 hour to 48 hours (at 20°C).


  • repair protective coating cathode-ray tubes;
  • repair potentiometers (kills “crack”) and other electronic equipment;
  • removing static electricity from the housings of electronic equipment;
  • applying a conductive coating on the dielectric material;
  • the formation of galvanic coatings on non conductive materials (electroplating – copper plating of dielectric materials in a galvanic way)
  • recovery conductive coating contacts in keypads, switches and other equipment;
  • the formation of a smooth, resistant to temperature, shockolady surface.

You can create a conductive paint having the properties specified by the consumer.

Popular modifications:
Resistpaint ABS for painting ABS plastic;
Resistpaint ABS-plus – lucanna conductivity for the creation of plating (copper plating of plastics and other insulators);
Resistpaint 0.5-T300 – heat-resistant conductive paint with a working temperature up to 300°C.

The set of technological dokumentatsii on a Conductive paint “RESISTPAINT” includes the formula (i.e. the formula itself – the components and their ratio) and a common cooking technique.

Buy Conductive paint “RESISTPAINT” No. 01-0000-10.02.2009: the Common cooking technique. Three of the most popular modifications conductive paint: Composition “Resistpaint ABS” (conductive paint for ABS plastics 0.5 to 1.0 ohms/cm); Composition “Resistpaint ABS-plus” (conductive paint for ABS plastics improved conductivity); the Composition of “Resistpaint 0.5-T300” (heat-resistant conductive paint to 300*C).

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Photos of customers, with examples of their use conductive paint for the copper plating of non-metallic surfaces.

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